Plies - Ain’t No Mixtape Bih 3 (Mixtape)

Plies delivered a music video for “F.E.M.A.” last night and now he moves on to new material with the release of Ain’t No Mixtape Bih 3.
The 18-song project includes additions from Dae Dae, Kash Doll, Jeremiah, Spiffy, Cassius Jay, Trauma Tone, DT Spacely, Flippa, and more.

01. Plies – To Whom It May Concern [Prod. By DT Spacely]
02. Plies – Comin 2 Eazy [Prod. By Trauma Tone x Leemajorkid]
03. Plies – I Gotta Keep Winning (Feat. Dae Dae) [Prod. By Money Beat Maker]
04. Plies – Rock [Prod. By Cheeze Beatz x 30]
05. Plies – Sackway [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
06. Plies – My Bag Different [Prod. By Beat Billionaire]
07. Plies – Bosses (Feat. Kash Doll) [Prod. By Cassius Jay]
08. Plies – Thottie [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
09. Plies – Viral [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
10. Plies – Boss Language [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
11. Plies – Catch Up [Prod. By Cassius Jay]
12. Plies – How I’m Coming [Prod. By Spiffy]
13. Plies – Pickin Up Bags [Prod. By ASURMS]
14. Plies – Gorgeous (Feat. Jeremiah) [Prod. By Flippa]
15. Plies – Heroin Flow [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
16. Plies – Above Ground [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
17. Plies – Leveled Up [Prod. By B Stribb]
18. Plies – Best Life [Prod. By Trauma Tone]

Download: Plies - Ain’t No Mixtape Bih 3 (Mixtape)
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