Shaggy & Sting - Don’t Make Me Wait

Music is a universal language they say and it often brings people from different horizons. That’s what has happened with Shaggy and Sting. In a surprise announcement, the two artists are joining forces for a collaborative album titled 44/876. The two veteran artists connected thanks to Sting’s manager Martin Kierszenbaum, who was also Shaggy’s A&R back in the day during his prime. Kierszenbaum happened to be in the studio with Shaggy one day, working on a song called ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ which he decided to send to Sting in its unfinished form. Sting loved it so much he decided to hop on it and make more songs together. “The most important thing to me in any kind of music is surprise,” says Sting. “And everybody is surprised by this collaboration – by what they’re hearing. We’re surprising.” The result is a “Caribbean-inflected album” 44/876 which will hit stores 4/20. Listen to the first single ‘Don’t Make Wait’ below.

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