Drake - DARK LANE DEMO TAPES (Mixtape)

Drake Releases new project ‘DARK LANE DEMO TAPES’.

So much Drake music has leaked as of late that it’s been hard to keep up with everything going on. Fans have been able to make their own unofficial mixtape with the amount of songs that have surfaced online. Drake has referenced the music, saying that he is aware and that most of it is old.

A project filled with some of his recent loosies, leaks and new material. Future, Young Thug, Chris Brown and more will appear. Drizzy also reveals that his next album will be out in the summer.

1) ‘Deep Pockets
2) ‘When To Say When
3) ‘Chicago Freestyle
4) ‘Not You Too’ (Feat. Chris Brown)
5) ‘Toosie Slide
6) ‘Desires‘ (Feat. Future)
7) ‘Time Flies’
8) ‘Landed’
9) ‘D4L Freestyle’ (Feat. Future & Young Thug)
10) ‘Pain 1993’ (Feat. Playboi Carti)
11) ‘Losses’
12) ‘From Florida With Love
13) ‘Demons’ (Feat. Fivio Foreign & Sosa Geek)
14) ‘War

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